Great Ormond Street

Great Ormond Street Hospital

In 2005, working in partnership with Chance to Shine, we began to deliver specialised sports sessions, with elements of cricket involved, for children at Evelina Children’s Hospital (St Guy’s and Thomas) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). The sessions and games were developed by our highly experienced coaches, Ray Tudor and Denise O’Neill.

We currently deliver weekly coaching sessions at Great Ormond Street on Wednesday afternoons. At GOSH, Ray and Denise work with children who are suffering from…

A GOSH Story

I will share some stories from myself and Rays sessions at Gosh

It’s the most amazing place to work , meeting  amazing children and their families ,but its also a very emotional place knowing that some of these children have unlimited time .

Being able to be involved with the children is an honour some are so poorly ,sad ,depressed , homesick , missing friends and family as they don’t live near the hospital and many not even in the country

There are so many stories of the years and all deserve to be told but I have chosen a few that it as hard

Myself and Ray met this young man  x a few years earlier he was diagnosed with leukaemia  ,we would go up to him every weds and do pe sessions by his bed ,he  loved sport and had many fun times with us and would always ask for us to come and see him .

Boy x finished treatment after a long process and he was in finally in remission  fantastic news .

A few years later late in2017 we were told that boy x was back in gosh ,it happens a lot children being readmitted , “ great would love to see him “ we said   “ he would love to see you both ,but the family have just been told that there is nothing they can do for him so he will go home to die .

Myself and Ray go up to the ward not knowing what to expect and holding it together

All the family were there and were very happy to see us  and boy x was very weak but he gave us a little smile , family  filming every moment ,

We did pe with him he like to play volleyball from his bed with a beachball ,

And for that 20 mins or so, he was just having fun and mum was saving all her memories  a special moment that will stay with us forever .