Hospital Projects

Evelina Children's Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital

Since 2008 Capital Kids Cricket, partly funded by Chance to Shine, has been providing specialised cricket coaching for children at the hospital schools based in Great Ormond Street and Evelina (Guy's and St Thomas').

With an emphasis on providing physical and, most importantly, enjoyable experiences our highly qualified and inspirational coaches, Ray Tudor and Denise O’Neill, work with children suffering from a wide range of health issues and learning difficulties.

The results have impressed clinicians, teachers and parents alike and the sessions form a fundamental part of the education programmes at Evelina and Great Ormond Street.

As a result of their work in the hospitals, both Ray and Denise had the privilege of carrying the Paralympic torch in 2012.

The hospital schools are subjected to the same inspection by Ofsted as all other state schools in England are. On a visit by Ofsted in 2013 to Evelina hospital school, the inspectors saw and took part in one of the sessions being led by our coaches. The session was rated as Outstanding by the inspector and was mentioned in the final report about the school.

The Royal Free Hospital 

Since September 2015, we have been working with young adults at The Royal Free hospital with mental health problems. For one hour a week Denise, our inclusion coach, goes into the hospital and runs a variety of games and activities which have dramatically improved the wellbeing and health of the patients involved.

"Denise has proven not only to be an outstanding PE teacher but her personality is such that she has also had a major pastoral impact in these young peoples’ lives. She is passionate about her job and all of our students immediately took to her."

Chelsea Community Hospital School

Starting with a summer holiday programme, Denise has worked one day a week at Chelsea Community Hospital School. This “is an NHS residential (inpatient) service for children under 13s with complex mental health problems.”

Both the hospital and ourselves are keen to obtain funding to extend this work after a succesful pilot.