The need to address the demise of adult and school cricket in London led Mike Barnett to set up the London Community Cricket Association in the late 80s. The Chair was Chris Winn and he was supported by several professional staff. Other emerging initiatives were the Haringey cricket college, managed by Reg Scarlett (former West Indies Test player), and the Schools’ Cricket Project.

Meanwhile Haydn Turner and Bill Greaves had set up Capital Kids Cricket to regenerate cricket in schools. They raised money and had initiative but lacked a professional organisational structure. It made sense, then, that in 1991 CKC joined the London Schools’ Cricket Association and LCCA in establishing the London Schools Cricket Project (LSCP). It became fully operational in 1993 managed by John Smith, a former teacher, and working in 19 London boroughs.

In 1996 the organisational structure broke up and Mike Barnett withdrew. The LSCP was established as a company limited by guarantee and as a charity in its own right. Its aims were to promote cricket in schools by coaching during and outside school hours; organising competitions and festivals; supporting and training teachers to “develop their skills and awareness of the game” and importantly “to actively promote the links between Secondary schools and Cricket Clubs’ Colts’ sections.” The company directors (John Challinor (chair), Haydn Turner, Chris Winn) also became the trustees of the charity.  The partner organisation, the LCCA, later became Cricket4Change.

In 2000 the decision was taken for LSCP to adopt the name and logo of Capital Kids Cricket (CKC) with permission from Bill Greaves who then joined the Board. Mike Chapman joined later as did Fergus Munro. The company secretary, John Parker, was instrumental in setting up the company but acts now mainly as a legal adviser.

Following the death of John Smith in 2005, Katie Berry became our professional manager and was replaced in 2006 by John Sullivan when she took a development post with Middlesex Cricket Board.  John continued with CKC until February 2015 when he left his role to pursue other interests. Following his departure, Shahidul Alam Ratan was promoted from Development Manager to the Director and from May  2017 Ratan was made Chief Executive Officer & Head of Development of CKC.

Though the directors/trustees have legal responsibility for CKC and direct overall policy, many decisions are taken by the management group which is intended to provide a broad base of membership and reflect the views of a range of stakeholders.

In 2012 three trustees retired after many years of valuable service (Chrs Winn, Fergus Munro and Mike Chapman). The following year they were joined by Bill Greaves, a co-founder of CKC and a tireless worker who continues to help us when he can.The present trustees are John Challinor (Chair), Haydn Turner (Deputy), Phil Turner (Treasurer), Vinny Codrington, Richard Verity, Debbie Gregory, Phil Ladmore.