Arundel May 2017

During the 2017 May half term, we returned to Arundel for the first of our two annual residential trips to the famous Castle Cricket Ground. This year, 87 primary school aged children (48 boys and 39 girls) took part from a mixture of clubs and schools and we were very excited to bring, for the first time, some children from Ealing along to Arundel.

Thanks to our work towards setting up Spikes Bridge Junior CC (visit our Clubs page for more info.) in Southall, we have developed links with local schools in the area and we hope that many more children from Ealing will have the opportunity, in future, to take part in our residential trips.

Throughout the week we were blessed with some fantastic weather and the children were treated to some brilliant coaching from the Arundel Castle Cricket Foundation’s coaches.

“The coaches were really helpful and gave us feedback on what we did. They really cared about what we did.”

Lulu, aged 9

“I like Arundel because the matches were very fun and I learnt a lot more things about cricket.”

Arisaman, aged 10

“The most fun I’ve ever had!”

Ellie, aged 10

“I don’t want to leave!”

Maddie, aged 10

“It was really fun because our coach was always motivating us. We all enjoyed playing matches to improve our skill. All round it was so awesome! Thanks, Ratan and coaches. Especially thanks to Mr Ratan for organising this fantastic event. We wish we stayed here longer!”

Arayaman, Sharim, Rudrah and Khizar